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TAITERN / CEO, Founder

An artist with massive aspirations from a small town near Bangkok, Thailand. He loves worldwide pop culture from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. His love for pop culture is shown in many of his works. He brings a refreshingly unique style of art to the NFT space and brings a deeper meaning to the majority of his work.

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HEADY / Community Strategy Lead

Heady is an art lover and NFT enthusiast. He started in Solana in September 2021 and made his way to NEAR in Feb of 2022. Heady has a passion for growing weed and buying NFT's. He is a proud Flipped Faces holder with vast knowledge in NFT markets.

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JEX / Strategic Partnership Director

Jex was a project manager/COO at two pre-seed advertising companies in NYC. His normal day consisted of improving day to day operations, problem solving, and executing many
different strategies developed by core teams. In the past 2.5 years he helped scale these companies to multi-million dollar valuations. He has been in crypto for 9 years and NFTs for 2 years now. (ETH to SOL to NEAR) Recently, he’s exited the start-up life to join the Flipped
Faces team and bring it to the next level. He has also started his own non-profit NFT project providing mental health coaching for the community.

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GUCCI / Creative Director

Gucci is a 25 year old business graduate with 10+ years of entrepreneur experience in the Import and Exporting industry. He likes collecting vintage designer goods,hitting the gym and gaming. Gucci is a late adopter in Solana and has slept on it till late
December 2021. As a person who grew up in a diverse environment, Gucci found the founders, Taitern (Thailand) and Gleesh (Oklahoma) to be an interesting pair.

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YONGCS / Communications Director

Yong is interested in Blockchain technology and NEAR Protocol specifically. He has found Flipped Faces to be a hidden gem in NEAR and hasn’t looked back since. Yong has a high conviction and appreciation for Flipped Faces, the art work, and the team. Relevant Experience - Team Lead, Co-founder of tech start-up in Thailand, Solutions Architect.

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Gleesh is a man who wants to change his life and take all of his people with him. He loves making new friends of all backgrounds. He is able to connect & relate to anyone on a personal level. Gleesh is a 24 year old that may not have much, but what he does own does not define him. Right now, his only interest in life is building flipped faces and building it to be one of the top projects to exist. Gleesh has promised that he will not stop until that happens.