Phase I - Establish the 1/1 Collection

- Raffle off the remainder of the collection

  • 2 of which will be fully custom FF’s that you will be able to design one on one with Taitern, these will be auctioned/raffled off.

  • Award outstanding community members, helpers, and team members with Flipped Faces

- Growing and strengthening the Flipped Face Fam

  • Rewarding holders with DAO membership, WL spots, and the opportunity to build and run your own sub community

  • Increasing Twitter and Discord activity

  • Increasing collaborative effort

- Physical airdrop for Top 5 holders

  • Physical Airdrop of Limited Edition prints with Taitern's sign

Phase II - Establish the Flipped Face DAO

- NFT Treasury and Profit Sharing mechanics

  • All investment decisions voted on by DAO members

- Exclusive Alpha + WL opportunities

  • Get rewarded for making profitable calls

  • Over 700 WL spots already distributed to holders

- Catalyst for creating and funding Generative collection sub communities

  • Overseeing the largest ecosystem of sub communities and DAOs on NEAR

Phase III - Gen 1

-Fractionalizing FF Traits to produce passive income for 1/1 holders 

  • Gen 0 traits will be passed to Gen 1 which will pay residual income to Gen 0 holders

-Creation of a generative collection (Gen 1) on NEAR

  • New style of art from Taitern

  • Full-Stack development

  • More moderation/assistance in discord

-Sub-community creation assistance + 1/1 community handbook

  • The community handbook will guide trait holders to managing their community most efficiently

Phase IV - Roadmap 2.0